Cruel and murderous, 'dark iron dwarves' (or Children of Hashut, as they are sometimes known) have fallen
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Possessing cruelty beyond comprehension, the Children of Hashut pledge their souls to the Ruinous bull god.

under the influence of the Ruinous Powers. They are an evil and bitter race, but retain the superior skill and workmanship of dwarvenkind. They possess none of the reluctance of their western cousins when it comes to wielding powerful magicks, often breeding or making pacts with demonic entities in orde to strengthen their magical bloodlines and produce sorcerers.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Although Chaos Dwarfs superficially resemble other Dwarfs, in all important respects they are easily distinguished. Chaos Dwarfs often possess protruding tusks that lend them a brutal, savage expression, and they are commonly grey-fleshed and red of eye. Many have small horns that jut from their forehead and some even have cloven hooves and worse-- although such extreme mutations are rare amongst ordinary Chaos Dwarfs and common only amongst sorcerers and those that have the most direct contact with the stuff of Chaos.


Children of Hashut revile and are reviled by almost other races, and make war upon them at every opportunity. Over time they have enslaved various tribes of savage humanoids, including humansm hobgoblins, giants and centaurs, to do their bidding, although no love is shared between the master and their servants.


Any evil, though usually lawful evil.

Dark Iron LandsEdit

Lands east of the Carpathian Mountains and north of the Black Sea, where Men fear to tread.


Chaos dwarfs live only to serve the will of Hashut, the Bull God.


Their own vile and debased tongue, far removed from the language of the Hill Dwarfs, though still making use of its alphabet.

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